Mindwalker – What Is Beyond Horizons

1. Invisible Tears 2. Black Clouds 3. Far From You 4. Cold Light (ft. The Relic) 5. Moon 6. A More Perceptive World 7. Night Can Be Eternal (ft. Embrionyc) 8. Mirco Abete – Oceano (Embrionyc’s Deepwater Remix) 9. Strobo Room 10. Neuroscheme 11. Droid Conflict 12. All The Colors Of Darkness 13. The Perfect [...]

Embrionyc – Another Sleepless Night

1.Retaliation 2.Beyond your dreams 3.The grave 4.Across the sea 5.The ripper 6.Dance little bird 7.Orpheus alone 8.Protector 9.This is not a daydream 10.The sentences never curtain words 11.Neurastenic 12. Vampire attack (ft. Moleculez) 13.Houses of god (ft. Cubic Nomad) 14. Unauthorized (ft. Moleculez & Warchetype) 15. I’m leaving the lights tonight Release date: 01.08.2010  on [...]