V8 + Noisette – HARDER & LOUDER PODCAST #20

Hungarian special forces known as Volkox (V8) and Noisette prepared special b2b live mix for this Harder & Louder Podcast. Killer industrial mixture of hard drum & bass, core & bass and various broken beats inside.

Length: 1:21:07
Source: 185 mb, 320 kbps mp3



01. halves – naughty (blackhoe cd)
02. the outside agency – surreal (genosha)
03. aphex twin – 54 cymru beats (big machine)
04. spl and eye d – another realm (lost soul)
05. mystification – computers (the djproducer system ceash) (manticore)
06. spl – match hit (genosha)
07. v8 – speed metal (darkbox)
08. mastif – the waist (blackhoe)
09. unusual incident – steroids (ruff-teck)
10. cooh – re-feel (halves remix) (unreleased)
11. v8 – ironmen (blackhoe)
12. amit – manic minor (exit)
13. halves – stay still (alimony)
14. v8 – end of line (project v8)
15. dune – hand in hand (unabomber bootleg) (unreleased)
16. sunchase – save us (recon)
17. noisette – shapeshifter (alimony)
18. jubaba – note seven (unreleased)
19. matta – outlaw (adnoiseam)
20. v8 – keep watching (unreleased)
21. noisette – gemini (dwarfstar)
22. jubaba – x-process (unreleased)
23. deathmachine – clusterfukt (industrial movement)
24. noisette and jubaba – awake (unreleased)
25. noisette – soundless (alimony)
26. vex’d – disposition (feat. jest) (planet mu)
27. various – today (xl)
28. embrionyc – the sentences never curtain words (dark.descent)
29. halves – e.b.e. (dwarfstar)
30. v8 – vortex (bh toolbar free)
31. muffler – closer (invader)
32. raiden – ryugyong (offkey)
33. nanotek – never say die (freak)
34. v8 – foodchain (suspect device)
35. halves – fourth kind (dwarfstar)
36. v8 and logikill – gettafix (sustained digi)
37. optiv and btk – backlash (virus)
38. v8 – the emptiness (unreleased)
39. halves – grotesque (dwarfstar)
40. v8 – ediomad (dark tracks)
41. noisette – a bad one (alimony)
42. g-town madness and the viper – come as one (project hardcore anthem 2007) (viper beats)
43. promo and digital boy – serious damage (the third movement)
44. mystification – greed (unreleased)
45. v8 – cubehead (project v8)


Volkox‘s real name is Robert from Hungary roars his loudest since around 2005. Robert produced dark and slightly distorted drumandbass for/as V8. V8 was formed by three Hungarian dj’s / producers named Migu, Prohypnol and Volko. Common visions lead to something new, something completely different. That was the main reason to create a new imprint named Project:V8 Recordings. Those stuffs and collaborations will be coming on this Black Hoe Recordings sublabel.

Contact Volko: robertvolko@gmail.com
AIM: volkodj
Contact V8: heavy.v8@gmail.com





Noisette (aka Unabomber) is Hungarian up and coming drumandbass, breakcore producer. He began producing music in 2002. First he crearted some kind of melodic deep house, dark, epic tunes until his brother influenced him to turn towards drumandbass and its darker, more depressive style.






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