Halves – Halfstar LP

The very first release on Dwarfstar will be a Halves LP. Halves is the common project of ours. The album includes 10 songs, the title is “Halfstar”. This release will be halfstep and drum & bass oriented, dressed in a heavily armoured suite. Punchy kicks, growling basslines, austere rhythms and destructive build ups is what you can expect.


1. E.B.E. 07:30
2. Grotesque 06:45
3. Grimey parts 05:45
4. The light 05:34
5. Neuropsychology (with Ghast) 07:08
6. Undefined 06:02
7. Solarcube – Behind the darkness (Halves remix) 06:13
8. Fourth kind 05:57
9. The truth 06:45
10. Beware 05:42

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