HARDER & LOUDER Newsletter.

Hello hardcore crowd! There are loads of good news.

  • We’re still collecting all the best hardcore, drum’n'bass and core & bass mixes, releases and stuff. And i’m glad to say that we found highly increased numbers of guests here. It means, soon we’ll do major changes such as stand-alone hosting with our own place to upload free and legal music and mixes.
  • Next podcast #15 will be released tomorrow after the clubberry.fm’ HARDER & LOUDER Show. Our guest is great producer YMB  from NL. You can be the first listeners online here:

  • Our first HARDER & LOUDER Recordings release by AVIS and SYRINX is landing! After the 300 likes on our facobook page, we will open downloading to all our fans on the bandcamp. Help to share the release: 84 likes left!
  • More stuff on the way. HARDER & LOUDER stickers and t-shirts are ready to be printed, t-shirts with exclusive design by Gleb Dmitriev will be available in our bandcamp store.
  • And one more thing.  I (Fakemachine) live now in Moscow, Russia and hope we’ll do more great stuff here!  SOON: Coming special podcast with SYRINX vs. FAKEMACHINE special liveset!

With best wishes, Mikhail Fakemachine.


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