Check out Dither his guestmix and interview for Thunderdome Radio!

We said it many times before about sets in our show, but this time we are more serious than ever! Dither played a MASSIVE set! Enjoy the dark, deep industrial beats that came all the way from Groningen (way up north in Holland). Even Frank (part of The Outside Agency) was delirious over the phone about Dither, of who we’ve never heard before untill a couple of months ago.

Luckely, D-Tune stept up to the challenge and proved himself a worthy opponent by pumping out fast, furious, mad and delicious in audio-form. We asked him, just like we asked D-Passion recently, why his name begins with ”D-” (there are quite a few DJ’s with D-). To hear his answer, just click play!

Last but not least, DJ Amada closed the show in style. And with style, we mean hard and fast. Girl, thanks for stopping by once again!

Tune in next week at www.thunderdome.com
Wednesday 8pm-12pm (GMT)

Set start: 0:54:00
Interview: 1:40:00


01 Mindustries – Playing The Game
02 Dither – The Woods
03 Ak-Industry – Nosebleed
04 Dither – All Of Us
05 N-vitral – Shotgun
06 Mindustries – Resistance
07 Manga Corps – The Hunter (Armageddon Project Remix)
08 I.D
09 Dither – Danger
10 Stormtrooper & Ebe Company (Lowroller Remix)
11 N-Vitral – KlingKlong
12 Dither – Accept Reality
13 Dither – They Deserve It
14 Das Efx – Real HipHop (I:Gor Mini Remix)

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