For those who missed our last HARDER & LOUDER show on, here’s the fresh podcast #12 with special guest from Spain, Sevilla with heavy hard drum & bass / core mix.

KCee (Infamous) has been in front of turntables since 1999, begun with D.N.B in 2001. First under mark Troubellerz band created with his friend Fernando aka Trauma, and then with DarkFactory crew. This sevillian has played his sets in most dnb events of the south of spain and in numerous parties all along the country, such as: Display Sessions (Madrid), International Meeting D.N.B (Valencia), Xion Club (Criptana), Industrial Copera Club (Granada), Jam Club (Bilbao).

He has share cabin with confirmed artist as Vicious Circle, Noisia, TeeBee, Raiden, Phace, Spor. With a serious and refined style his sets are conclusive and precise, you will make a big mistake if you miss the opportunity of watching him in action. About production, with the alter ego “INFAMOUS” this guy are signed for some labels such as DarkBox (Italy), Melting Pot (Spain), Infectech (Chile)… and soon finished a lot of new beats.




1. Mustard Pimp feat. Alec Empire – Catch Me (Cooh remix)
2. YMB & Mathizm – You will be assimilated
3. eRRe & Hardlogik - Party don´t stop
4. Infamous – Overdrive
5. Kalashnikov – Fucking (Dub Elements & Venganza remix)
6. Nanotek – Choke on the asses
7. Syrinx – Demolished
8. Counterstrike & Gein – Anarchy
9. YMB & Mathizm – Your Destination
10. eRRe, Hardlogik & Syrinx – DIE (original mix)
11. Cooh & Limewax – Pectus
12. Fuck your Pride (Alexander Head bootleg)
13. Hardlogik & Mikromakine – Recognize our style
14. Hidden & Eye D – Speed Bump
15. Dub Elements & Alexander Head – Go Party
16. The Prodigy – Claustrophobic String (Infamous & eRRe edit)
17. Cooh & Current Value – Optic Nerve
18. Counterstrike & Current Value – Obsessive (4AM)
19. Gancher & Lethal – Insecticide (Infamous remix)
20. Alexander Head – My Power
21. Zardonic - Restless Slumber
22. Clawfinger – Do what I Say (Infamous edit)
23. Dub Elements & eRRe – PoPim to the Top (Infamous Mashup)
24. Acedia (aka Syrinx) – Culprit
25. Infamous & QKHack – The Island


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