Nagato is a producer from Belgorod, Russia. New recruit of Nekrolog1k, Sustained and Black Hoe armies, he works with the hardest styles of drum & bass – hardstep, darkstep and hardcore drum & bass. Now you can feel the power of evil snares on yourself with the 9th episode of H&L podcast.


01. INTRO (Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi – Domine Kira)
02. Big-Head & Maza – The Warning [T3K dub]
03. The Infernal Brothers – Herald Of Evil [Unsigned, dub]
04. Nagato – Look On Your Life [Sustained dub]
05. Nagato – Impressive [T3K dub]
06. Nagato & Ti2L – 1488 [Unsigned, dub]
07. The Rippers & Circular Discharge – Horror Cinema [Unsigned,dub]
08. Ymb – Jump [Tantrum dub]
09. Luna-C – Success N Mistreet (The Panacea mix) [KnightForce]
10. Province – Reckoning (Nagato remix) [Deathsoundbat]
11. Nagato – Chase [Infectech dub]
12. Fragz – Party Banger (TriaMer rmx) [Yellow Stripe dub]
13. Nagato – Escapee [Unsigned,dub]
14. Lowroller – Bloodbath [Nekrolog1k dub]
15. Hardlogik – Massive Murder [Tech Cycle dub]
16. Hallucinator – MotherFucker [Melting Pot]
17. eRRe & Hardlogik – Underworld [Nekrolog1k dub]
18. The Outside Agency – Daze Of Old [Official Pandemonium Anthem]
19. Nagato – Thrill [Unsigned, dub]
20. eRRe & Triamer – Break It Down [Metafiziq dub]
21. Sentient Code – Satans Army [Unfinished]
22. The Outside Agency – The Price Is Right [PRSPCT dub]
23. DR.PAUL & Nagato – Heresiarch [T3K dub]
24. Switch Technique & The Outside Agency – The Moment [Union]


Musician from Belgorod. Began studying music in 2006. He was immediate attracted to hardest styles of drum & bass music, and therefore the first of its composition were in the darkstep style. He wouldn’t been limited to one styles of music, and soon made a few works in the genre and hardstep technoid. At this moment, Nagato writes his tracks in styles: technoid, neurofunk, hardstep
darkstep and hardcore.





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