Homeboy & Igneon System – HARDER & LOUDER PODCAST #5

The fifth podcast delivers you the best taste of european mayhem, brought by the NEKROLOG1K adepts. Nekrolog1k is the experimental label, focused on explosive kind of sound between industrial hardcore and drum & bass. With the new episode of our podcast you can check how this mixture works. BE CAREFUL, BITCHEZ!

From the suburbs of Benelux to the Swiss ghettos, breakcore, industrial and drum n bass sounds are shooted from the best necrophiliac ‘s heavyweights djs and producers with machine guns through all over the world… to kill the shit you listen day after day, to delete the concept you have about music, to create a new era of breaks destruction.

Prepare your brain to the next level of the hardcore DnB, Nekrolog1k is coming, and is coming FAST, HARD and BRUTAL !

HOMEBOY & IGNEON SYSTEM – HARDER LOUDER PODCAST #5 by Harder & Louder Podcast on Mixcloud



Sinister Souls – The Highest Technology  (Qore 3.0)
Ak-Industry & Lowroller – Isolation (Industrial Strenght)
Igneon System – Fuck God (Mindustries rmx) (Thirdmovement)
AK-Industry – The Grid (AK-Industry)
AK-Industry – Hokuto 100 Crack Fist (Industrial Strenght)
I Gor – Coretoon (I :Gor Album)
Dither – Epic Failure (Nekrolog1k)
AK-Industry Night Hunt Machine (Industrial Strenght)
AK-Industry – Dark Industry (Industrial Strenght)
The Teknoist & Homeboy – Prototype (Adnoiseam)
AK-Industry & Igneon System – Evil Blood (Industrial Strenght)
Ophidian – Inception By Sound (Qore 3.0)
Switch Technique & The Outside Agency – The Moment  (Union)
The Dj Producer & Deathmachine – 10 Years of Influence (Thirdmovement)
KRTM – Drawlcrusher (Agnost1k)
N3AR – Dominate (Nekrolog1k)
Detest – Wrong Turn (Agnost1k)
AK-Industry & Lowroller – Epidemic  (Nekrolog1k)
Lowroller – Mixbreed Solider (Igneon System Rmx) (Nekrolog1k)
I Gor – Testify  (I :Gor Album)
AK-Industry – Paranormal Activity  (Industrial Strenght)
Igneon System – Demonic Possesion (Thirdmovement)
Igneon System – Learn From The Pain (Nekrolog1k)
Igneon System – Fuck God (Thirdmovement)
Igneon System & Lowroller – Great Violence  (PRSPCT)
Igneon System & Lowroller – Ultimate Weapon (PRSPCT)
Lowroller & Homeboy – No Longer Human (Industrial Strength)
Subversion – Bad To The Bone (Lowroller Rmx) (Noistorm)
I:Gor – What (Igneon System Rmx) (Agnost1k)
Igneon System – Crisis Situation (Third Movement)
Igneon System & Homeboy – Nekromoney (Agnost1k)
Homeboy & Igneon System – Subsider (Ninja Columbo)
Igneon System & Igneon System – Respect The Strength (Audiodamage)
Igneon System & Homeboy – The Illest (Agnost1k)
Igneon System & Homeboy – The Illest  (Detest Rmx) (Agnost1k)
Igneon System – Shake The Ground (Motormouth)
Igneon System & Homeboy -  Chaos Jitsu (Agnost1k)

Homeboy aka AK-Industry

Homeboy aka Ak-Industry with his brother Dj Mayhem (Richard Allaman)

Hardcore Scratching & Industrial Breakbeats Producer since 90′s, Owner of Nekrolog1k / Agnost1k Kartel and soldier of many houses such as Audiosickness, Deathchant, Pacemaker, Industrial Strenght, Strike, Ad Noiseam, NinjaColumbo, Signalflow, Audiodamage, he also played around Europe Hardcore Festival’s like, Q-BASE Festival (GE) CLUB R_AW (NL), TOXICATOR Festival (PL), ARMY OF HARDCORE (DE), SMACKDOWN (NL) ELEMENTS Festival (BE) ENERGY (streetparade), PRSPCT XL (NL)ELECTRON Festival (CH) MuSick Resident (Belgium), LIBERTY WHITE (BE) Italy, Portugal and more. He worked various featurings and remix’s with artist’s like Bryan Fury I;Gor, The Teknoist, Igneon System, The Detest, Stormtrooper, F1end, Deathmachine, Forbidden Society and more comming soon !

Homeboy @ facebook

Igneon System

Every good house of pain has is own maniac torturer, and this is the most evil motherfucker that mankind ever created. His favorite tools of torture is the live act, generally implemented by a fast and mindbreaking mixup of Hardcore/Breakcore/Drum’n’bass ambient bleeding rusty blades, just to give you a little infection too ! From worst wetlands of Belgium, he approach dirtiest groundsbattle all over the Europe, side by side with most famous music-fighters on the scene, listening in peace at the screams of victims of his raging sound, laughing about blood flowing fast from ears of his enemies. Dark is incoming, nightfall brings its ghosts in your nightmares…
Igneon System sharped is best infected knife to throw in the middle of your eyes through Nekrolog1k killing machine !

Igneon System @ facebook







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