Dear friends! Harder and Louder podcast has encountered a desperate need for a higher level Soundcloud account!

What do we need that for? To give our podcasts and guest mixes their own place, with fast, direct and unlimited downloads, a convenient embeddable player, a place, able to cope with a bigger audience and a bigger amount of comments.

The forthcoming episode (#5) of the Harder and Louder podcast features representatives of a huuuuge European underground label. More than that, Harder and Louder podcast has a number of world-class producers prepare guest mixes for the next year episodes. Before the end of the year, our podcast is expecting a minor redesign as well as a number of other surprises!

Any amount of money you are willing to donate is highly appreciated! Every transaction will be documented.


Yandex.Money (for Russia):

R314568427425 (RUR)
Z283228417476 (USD)

Thank you,

Harder & Louder podcast crew.

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