Official Afterfilm – A Decade of Enzyme – French Edition by Trip & Teuf

AfterFilm the only date French tour of the famous Dutch hardcore label enzyme. Event organized by Trip &Teuf collaboration with Cardiac records.

Lineup :
Endymion [NL] (Hardcore) – Enzyme
Ophidian [NL] (Hardcore) – Enzyme
Nosferatu [NL] (Hardcore) – Enzyme
Weapon X [NL] (Hardcore) – Enzyme
Amalia Syst-M [FR] (Early Hardcore) – Trip & Teuf Bookings
Son [FR] (Hardcore) – Trip & Teuf Bookings
Underground Damage [FR] (Hardcore) – Trip & Teuf Bookings
Burn Soldier [FR] (warmup Hardstyle) – Trip & Teuf Bookings
Artemis [FR] (warmup Hardstyle) – Trip & Teuf Bookings


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